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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Target audience

Who is Leverage's target audience?

  • Leverage is mainly oriented to 🌎 Latam, North America and 🌍 European startup's CTOs, VPEs, Engineering Managers and/or team leads (Software Architects / DevOps Engineers / Cloud Solutions Architects) looking to rapidly set and host their modern web and mobile applications and systems in Amazon Web Services (✅ typically in just a few weeks!).

  • Oriented to Development leads or teams looking to solve their current AWS infrastructure and software delivery business needs in a securely and reliably manner, under the most modern best practices.

  • Your Entire AWS Cloud solutions based on DevOps practices will be achieved:

    • ⭐ Containerization
    • ⭐ Infrastructure as Code
    • ⭐ Container Orchestration (K8s) & Application Services
    • ⭐ CI / CD
    • ⭐ Security, Compliance & Reliability
    • ⭐ Cost Optimization & Performance Efficiency
    • ⭐ Observability & Monitoring
  • Moreover, if you are looking to have the complete control of the source code, and of course be able to run it without us, such as building new Development environments and supporting your Production Cloud environments, you're a great fit for the Leverage AWS Cloud Solutions Reference Architecture model.

And remember you could implement yourself or we could implement it for you! 💪

Agreement and statement of work

Project Kick-Off

🚀 Project Kick-Off

Once the agreement contract and NDA are signed we estimate 15 days to have the team ready to start the project following the proposed Roadmap (“Statement of work”) that describes at length exactly what you'll receive.

Assignments and Delivery

🗂 Assignments and Delivery

After gathering all the customer project requirements and specifications we'll adjust the Reference Architecture based on your needs. As a result we'll develop and present the Leverage Reference Architecture for AWS implementation Roadmap.

A typical Roadmap (“Statement of Work”) includes a set number of Iterations (sprints). We try to keep a narrow scope for each Iteration so that we can tightly control how hours get spent to avoid overruns. We typically avoid adding tasks to a running Iteration so that the scope does not grow. That's also why we have an allocation for to specific long lived tasks:

  • General-Task-1: DevOps and Solutions Architecture challenge, definitions, tasks (PM), reviews, issues and audit.
  • General-Task-2: WEEKLY FOLLOW-UP Meeting,

Which is work that falls outside of the current Iteration specific tasks. This is for special requests, meetings, pair programming sessions, extra documentation, etc.

binbash will participate and review the planned tasks along the customer:

  • planned roadmap features
  • bug fixes
  • Implementation support

Using the relevant ticketing system (Jira) to prioritize and plan the corresponding work plan.

Reports and Invoicing

📊 Reports and Invoicing

Weekly task reports and tasks management agile metrics. We use Toggl to track all our time by client, project, sprint, and developer. We then import these hours into Quickbooks for invoicing.

Rates and Billing

💳 Rates and pricing plans

  • Pre-paid package subscriptions: A number of prepaid hours is agreed according to the needs of the project. It could be a "Basic Plan" of 40 hours per month. Or a "Premium Plan" of 80 hours per month (if more hours are needed it could be reviewed). When buying in bulk there is a discount on the value of the hour. When you pay for the package you start discounting the hours from the total as they are used, and if there are unused hours left, consider that maximum 20% could be transferred for the next month.

  • On-demand Business Subscription: There are a certain number of hours tracked each month, as planned tasks are demanded. The total spent hours will be reported each month. There is a monthly minimum of 40 hours per month. Support tasks maximum estimated effort should be between 80 and 120 hs / month.

💰 Billing

The Customer will be billed every month. Invoices are due within 15 days of issue. We accept payments via US Bank ACH,, and Payoneer. Rates include all applicable taxes and duties as required by law.