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Command: run

The run command is used to execute user defined tasks and all of their dependencies.


leverage run [tasks]

An arbitrary number of tasks can be given to the command. All tasks given must be in the form of the task name optionally followed by arguments that the task may require enclosed in square brackets, i.e. TASK_NAME[TASK_ARGUMENTS]. The execution respects the order in which they were provided.

If no tasks are given, the default task will be executed. In case no default task is defined, the command will list all available tasks to run.


leverage run task1 task2[arg1,arg2] task3[arg1,kwarg1=val1,kwarg2=val2]

  • task1 is invoked with no arguments, which is equivalent to task1[]

  • task2 receives two positional arguments arg1 and arg2

  • task3 receives one positional argument arg1 and two keyworded arguments kwarg1 with value val1 and kwarg2 with value val2