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What is Leverage?

Leverage was made out of a significant amount of knowledge, acquired through several years of experience, turned into an ecosystem of code, tools, and workflows that enables you to build the AWS infrastructure for your applications and services quickly and securely.

Since all the code and modules are already built, we can get you up and running up to 10x faster 🚀 than a consulting company -- ✅ typically in just a few weeks! -- and on top of code that is thoroughly documented, tested, and has been proven in production at dozens of other project deployments.

Core Components

Our focus is on creating reusable, high quality leverage-aws Cloud Infrastructure code, through our core components:

  • Reference Architecture: Designed under optimal configs for the most popular modern web and mobile applications needs. Its design is fully based on the AWS Well Architected Framework.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Library: A collection of reusable, tested, production-ready E2E AWS Cloud infrastructure as code solutions, leveraged by modules written in: Terraform, Ansible, Helm charts, Dockerfiles and Makefiles.

  • Leverage CLI: projects' command line tool. Provides the means to interact and deploy Leverage Reference Architecture on AWS and if needed it allows you to define custom tasks to run.

Video Presentation

Check out this intro video that explains what Leverage is in less than 5 minutes: