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Enable nat-gateway using binbash Leverage


To activate the NAT Gateway in a VPC created using binbash Leverage Landing Zone.


We are assuming the binbash Leverage Landing Zone is deployed, an account called apps-devstg was created and a region us-east-1 is being used. In any case you can adapt these examples to other scenarios.

How to

Go into you account/region/network layer:

cd apps-devstg/us-east-1/base-network


if you called the layer other that this, please set the right dir here

Check a file called exists. If it does not, create it.

Edit the file and set this content:

vpc_enable_nat_gateway = true

Apply the layer as usual:

leverage tf apply

How to disable the nat gateway

Do the same as before but setting this in the tfvars file:

vpc_enable_nat_gateway = false