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Each month AWS charges your payer Root Account for all the linked accounts in a consolidated bill. The following illustration shows an example of a consolidated bill.


Figure: AWS Organization Multi-Account structure (just as reference). (Source: Andreas Wittig, "AWS Account Structure: Think twice before using AWS Organizations", Blog, accessed November 18th 2020).


Figure: AWS Organization Multi-Account billing structure (just as reference). (Source: AWS, "Consolidated billing process", AWS Documentation AWS Billing and Cost Management User Guide, accessed November 18th 2020).

Reference Architecture AWS Organizations features

  • AWS Multiple Account Billing Strategy: consolidated billing for all your accounts within organization, enhanced per account cost filtering and RI usage
  • A single monthly bill accumulates the spending among many AWS accounts.
  • Benefit from volume pricing across more than one AWS account.

AWS Organizations Billing FAQs

  • 💰 What does AWS Organizations cost?

    AWS Organizations is offered at no additional charge.

  • 💰 Who pays for usage incurred by users under an AWS member account in my organization?

    The owner of the master account is responsible for paying for all usage, data, and resources used by the accounts in the organization.

  • 💰 Will my bill reflect the organizational unit structure that I created in my organization?

    No. For now, your bill will not reflect the structure that you have defined in your organization. You can use cost allocation tags in individual AWS accounts to categorize and track your AWS costs, and this allocation will be visible in the consolidated bill for your organization.

📒 Source | AWS Organizations FAQs

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