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How we work

binbash work culture

⭐ Fully Remote

binbash was founded as a remote-first company. That means you can always work from home, a co-working place, a nice cafe, or wherever else you feel comfortable, and you'll have almost complete control over your working hours. Why "almost"? Because depending on the current projects we'll require few hours of overlap between all Leverage collaborators for some specific meetings or shared sessions (pair-programming).

⭐ Distributed Team

Despite the fact that our collaborators are currently located in 🇦🇷 Argentina, 🇧🇷 Brazil and 🇺🇾 Uruguay, consider we are currently hiring from most countries in the time zones between 🌎 GMT-7 (e.g. California, USA) to 🌍 GMT+2 (e.g., Berlin, Germany).

⭐ We promote life-work balance

Job burnout is an epidemic 🙆, and we tech workers are especially at risk. So we'll do our best to de-stress our workforce at binbash. In order to achieve this we offer:

  • Remote work that lets you control your hours and physical location.
  • Normal working hours (prime-time 9am-5pm GTM-3), in average no more than ~30-40hs per week, and we don't work during weekends or your country of residence national holidays.
  • Project management and planning that will take into consideration the time zone of all our team members.
  • A flexible vacation policy where you could take 4 weeks per year away from the keyboard. If more time is needed we could always try to arrange it for you.
  • No ON-CALL rotation. We only offer support contracts with SLAs of responses on prime time business days hours exclusively.
  • You will take on big challenges, but the hours are reasonable.
  • Everyone is treated fairly and with respect, but where disagreement and feedback is always welcome.
  • That is welcoming, safe, and inclusive for people of all cultures, genders, and races.

Leverage Software / DevOps Engineer Profile

What You'll Work On (our tech stack) 👨‍💻 👩‍💻 🚀

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Library

    Create a collection of reusable, tested, production-ready E2E AWS oriented infrastructure modules (e.g., VPC, IAM, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK, Consul, Vault, Jenkins, etc.) using several tool and languages: Terraform, Ansible, Helm, Dockerfiles, Python, Bash and Makefiles.

  • Reference Architecture

    Improve, maintain, extend and update our reference architecture, which has been designed under optimal configs for the most popular modern web and mobile applications needs. Its design is fully based on the AWS Well Architected Framework.

  • Open Source & Leverage DevOps Tools

    Contribute to our open source projects to continue building a fundamentally better DevOps experience, including our open source modules, leverage python CLI, Makefiles Lib among others.

  • Document team knowledge

    Get siloed and not yet documented knowledge and extend the Leverage documentation, such as creating knowledgebase articles, runbooks, and other documentation for the internal team as well as binbash Leverage customers.

  • Customer engineering support

    While participating in business-hours only support rotations, collaborate with customer requests, teach binbash Leverage and DevOps best-practices, help resolve problems, escalate to internal SMEs, and automate and document the solutions so that problems are mitigated for future scenarios and users.

  • Role scope and extra points!

    • Responsible for the development, maintenance, support and delivery of binbash Leverage Products.
    • Client side Leverage Reference Architecture solutions implementation, maintenance and support.
    • Client side cloud solutions & tech management (service delivery and project task management).
    • Bring Leverage recs for re-engineering, bug fixes (issues) report and improvements based on real scenario implementations.
    • Mentoring, KT, PRs and team tech follow up both internally and customer facing.

    binbash is a small, distributed startup, so things are changing all the time, and from time to time we all wear many hats. You should expect to write lot of code, but, depending on your interests, there will also be lot of opportunities to write blog posts, give talks, contribute to open source, go to conferences, talk with customers, do sales calls, think through financial questions, interview candidates, mentor new hires, design products, come up with marketing ideas, discuss strategy, consider legal questions, and all the other tasks that are part of working at a small company.

Nice to have background

  • ➕ 1⃣ You hate repeating and doing the same thing twice and would rather spend the time to automate a problem away than do the same task again.
  • ➕ 1⃣ You have strong English communication skills and are comfortable engaging with external customers.
  • ➕ 1⃣ You know how to write code across the stack (“Dev”) and feel very comfortable with Infra as Code ("IaC").
  • ➕ 1⃣ You have experience running production software environments ("Ops").
  • ➕ 1⃣ You have a strong background in software engineering and understanding of CI/CD (or you are working hard on it!).
  • ➕ 1⃣ You have a passion for learning new technologies, tools and programming languages.
  • ➕ 1⃣ Bonus points for a sense of humor, empathy, autonomy and curiosity.
  • ➕ 1⃣ Note that even if we're concerned with prior experience like AWS, Linux and Terraform, we're more concerned with curiosity about all areas of the Leverage stack and demonstrated ability to learn quickly and go deep when necessary.