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Start/Stop EC2/RDS instances using schedule or manual endpoint


You have EC2 instances (or RDS) that are not being used all the time... so why to keep them up and running and billing? Here we'll create a simple schedule to turn them off/on. (also with an HTTP endpoint to do it so manually)


To keep your billing under control!



All the instances you want to start stop have to be tagged accordingly. For this example we'll use these tags:

    ScheduleStopDaily   = true
    ScheduleStartManual = true

The scheduler layer

In your binbash Leverage infra repository, under your desired account and region, copy this layer.

You can download a directory from a git repository using this Firefox addon or any method you want.

Remember, if the file delete the file and soft-link it to the homonymous file in the root config dir: e.g. -> ../../../config/

Set the tags

In the tools-cloud-scheduler-stop-start layer edit the file. There are two resources: - schedule_ec2_stop_daily_midnight to stop the instances - schedule_ec2_start_daily_morning to start the instances

You can change these names. If you do so remember to change all the references to them.

In the resource_tags element set the right tags. E.g. this:

  resources_tag = {
    key   = "ScheduleStopDaily"
    value = "true"
in the schedule_ec2_stop_daily_midnight resource means this resource will stop instances with tag: ScheduleStopDaily=true.

Set the schedule

Note this line:

  cloudwatch_schedule_expression = "cron(0 23 * * ? *)"

Here you can set the schedule in a cron-like fashion.

If it is none it won't create a schedule (e.g. if you only need http endpoint):

  cloudwatch_schedule_expression = "none"

Then if you set this:

  http_trigger = true

A HTTP endpoint will be created to trigger the corresponding action.

If an endpoint was created then in the outputs the URL will be shown.