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Before you begin

The objective of this guide is to introduce you to our binbash Leverage Reference Architecture for AWS workflow through the complete deployment of a basic landing zone configuration.

The Leverage Landing Zone is the smallest possible fully functional configuration. It lays out the base infrastructure required to manage the environment: billing and financial management, user management, security enforcement, and shared services and resources. Always following the best practices layed out by the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure quality and to provide a solid base to build upon. This is the starting point from which any Leverage user can and will develop all the features and capabilities they may require to satisfy their specific needs.


Figure: Leverage Landing Zone architecture components diagram.

About this guide

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Create and configure your AWS account.
  • Work with the Leverage CLI to manage your credentials, infrastructure and the whole Leverage stack.
  • Prepare your local environment to manage a Leverage project.
  • Orchestrate the project's infrastructure.
  • Configure your users' credentials to interact with the project.

Upon completion of this guide you will gain an understanding of the structure of a project as well as familiarity with the tooling used to manage it.

To begin your journey into creating your first Leverage project, continue to the next section of the guide where you will start by setting up your AWS account.