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Customers collaboration methodology


What are all the steps of an engagement

  • 1st Stage: Leverage Customer Tech Intro Interview
    1. Complete our binbash Leverage project evaluation form so we can get to know your project, find out if you're a good fit and get in contact with you.
    2. Schedule a tech intro interview meeting to understand which are your exact challenges and do a Leverage Reference Architecture feasibility assessment.
  • 2nd Stage: Leverage Reference Architecture Review
    1. If we can contribute, we'll execute a Mutual NDA (ours or yours), then walk your through to complete our binbash Leverage due diligence for Reference Architecture form.
    2. Once we completely understand your requirements we'll prepare a comprehensive proposal including the complete "Leverage Implementation Action Plan Roadmap" (also known as Statement of Work - SOW) detailing every task for the entire project.
    3. After you review it and we agree on the general scope, a Services Agreement (SA) is signed.
    4. The project kick-off day is scheduled.
  • 3rd Stage: Leverage Ref Architecture Implementation
    1. The Roadmap (SOW) is executed, we'll send an invoice for the deposit and first Sprint starts.
  • 4rth Stage: binbash Leverage Support
    1. During and after finishing the complete Roadmap we'll provide commercial support, maintenance and upgrades for our work over the long term.

Work methodology intro video

Customer Support workflow


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