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Hashicorp Vault credentials

Hashicorp Vault private API endpoint

If you are on HCP, you can get this from the Admin UI. Otherwise, it will depend on how you set up DNS, TLS and port settings for your self-hosted installation. We always favours a private endpoint deployment only accessible from the VPN.

AWS Self Hosted Vault Instance Endpoint

vault_address = ""

HCP Vault private API endpoint

vault_address = ""

Hashicorp Vault token

We'll need to setup this Vault auth token in our [/config/common.config] file whenever we run the Terraform Leverage Reference architecture for:

Vault token generation and authentication

Vault token that will be used by Terraform, or vault cli to perform calls to Vault API. During the initial setup, you will have to use a root token. If you are using a self-hosted installation you will get such token after you initialize Vault; if you are using Hashicorp Cloud Platform you can get the token from HCP Admin UI.

After the initial setup, and since we recommend integrating Vault to Github for authentication, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Generate a GitHub Personal Access Token:
  2. Click “Generate new token“
  3. Under scopes, only select "read:org", under "admin:org"

Get vault token from your GH auth token

  1. Run vault cli vía docker: docker run -it vault:1.7.2 sh
  2. Vault ENV vars setup (📒 NOTE: this will change a little bit between AWS self-hosted vs HCP vault deployment)
    export VAULT_ADDR=""; \
    export VAULT_NAMESPACE="admin"
  3. vault login -method=github
    ╭─    ~ ············································································· ✔  at 14:21:27 
    ╰─ docker run -it vault:1.7.2 sh
    / # export VAULT_ADDR="https://bb-le-shared-vault-cluster.private.vault.xxxxxxx.a"; export VAULT_NAMESPACE="admin"
    / # vault login -method=github
    GitHub Personal Access Token (will be hidden):
    Success! You are now authenticated. The token information displayed below
    is already stored in the token helper. You do NOT need to run "vault login"
    again. Future Vault requests will automatically use this token.
    Key                    Value
    ---                    -----
    token                  s.PNAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.hbtct
    token_accessor         KTqKKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.hbtct
    token_duration         1h
  4. input your GH personal access token
  5. Set the returned token in step 4) into /config/common.config -> vault_token="s.PNAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.hbtct"

📒 NOTE: the admin token from will always work but it's use is discouraged for the nominated GH personal access token for security audit trail reasons

Hashicorp Vault UI Auth

You can also manage your Vault instance via its UI. We'll present below screenshot to show an example using the Github personal access token, one of our supported auth methods.

  1. Generate a GitHub Personal Access Token:
  2. Click “Generate new token“
  3. Under scopes, only select "read:org", under "admin:org"

Open your preferred web browser choose Github auth method and paste your GH token and you'll be able to login to your instance.


Figure: Vault HCP UI user authentication screen. (Source: binbash Leverage, "Leverage Vault Reference Architecture auth method", binbash Leverage Doc, accessed August 5th 2021).