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Terraform Workflow

  1. Make sure you've read and prepared your local development environment following the Overview base-configurations section.
  2. Depending in which Terraform Ref Architecture repo you are working, please review and assure you meet all the terraform aws pre-requisites or terraform vault pre-requisites
  3. Get into the folder that you need to work with (e.g. 2_identities)
  4. Run leverage terraform init
  5. Make whatever changes you need to make
  6. Run leverage terraform plan if you only mean to preview those changes
  7. Run leverage terraform apply if you want to review and likely apply those changes


If desired, at step #5 you could submit a PR, allowing you and the rest of the team to understand and review what changes would be made to your AWS Cloud Architecture components before executing leverage terraform apply (terraform apply). This brings the huge benefit of treating changes with a GitOps oriented approach, basically as we should treat any other code & infrastructure change, and integrate it with the rest of our tools and practices like CI/CD, in

Running in Automation


Figure: Running terraform with AWS in automation (just as reference).

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